Welcome to the home page of the lower town dramatists! We’re very excited to bring a unique type of theatre to Paducah, Kentucky and the surrounding area. We specialize in reader’s theatre, which allows audiences to experience what they might witness if they were to “see” a radio play performed live. And that means, you guessed it: sound effects are performed as the production runs its course. Thanks again for visiting our site, and be sure to click on “Upcoming Productions” to see what we have planned next.


2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Betty Wise says:

    I listen to Radio Classics on Serius radio and have often thought it would be fun to be involved in performing and presenting in that format. Any chance one can still audition to join the group?

    • Admin says:

      Hi Betty! I choose to believe that it’s never too late, so the short answer to your question is you’d definitely be welcome. Right now, we’re still working on picking the right show for the spring, so keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming productions! That probably won’t be posted until after the holidays. Thanks for your comment and question!

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